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RoboTiger Emergency Service Squad

"Every team should have the chance to watch their robots in action."

RTESS is a program founded in 2013. Throughout competitions, we'd find ourselves in other teams' pits, helping them with wiring, assisting them with their code, and sharing any tips or tricks we've learned throughout our years as a team. Helping other teams get their robot's past inspection and competition-ready became a tradition for us. This soon became an organized program within our team and we became dedicated to helping robotics teams that lacked the resources and experience to enjoy their competitions.

  Originally this program was designed to help teams within our competitions. Now we volunteer at multiple competitions and have extended our services to a year-round endeavor.


Our newest addition to the program includes RTESS Workshops, which are designed as a boot-camp on FIRST robotics essentials such as team organization, design/fabrication, electronics, and programming. 

To contact us for questions, concerns or assistance click here 


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