STEAM Outreach

Some of the ways we spread inspiration and recognition for STEAM education


World science festival (2016-2018)

We partnered with NYU & World Science Festival to get the attention of kids through co-hosting a live show (Cool Jobs), Interactive Robot Demo, Intro To Electronics Workshop, and DIY Straw Rockets Booth.

Makers faire (2016 & 2017)

Partnered with NYSCI to provide an Interactive Robot Demo, Snap-on Electronics Workshop, Lego Mindstorm Programming sessions, Design your own Robot booth to the large audience at makers faire as well as local residents of Corona, Queens.


Intrepid SPace Week (2015 & 2016)

Partnered wth FIRST and The Intrepid Sea, Air, & space museum to inspire an international audience at the annual Space Week. Our activities included Robot Driving, an Intro To Electronics Workshop, Lego Mindstorm programming sessions, & design your own Lego Mindstorm Robot booth.

NYsCI Transportation day (2016)

At NYSCI’s summer exhibition we hosted hands-on activities and workshops alongside local organizations to explore the wide variety of transportation. We hosted Interactive Robot Demos, SNAP-ON Electronics Workshop , Lego Mindstorm Machine Design, & Design your own Robot booth.

FIRST OUTREACH (2013-present)

Throughout the years we've started 3 First Lego league teams, one First Lego League Junior Team, and mentored rookie FRC team towards a Rookie Allstar Award and regional victory.