We provide our students with the information and skills they need to succeed in the competition and what the real world will have in store for them. During the build season, our team is divided into 8 sub-groups with students, team leaders, and mentors that work together to complete goals. Our team consists of 34 students from different backgrounds and CTE majors such as cosmetology, plumbing, electronics, computer science, and business.


Mechanical /Fabrication

Michelle Rojas

Miguel Romero

Chelsea Vicente

Lin Yue


Sam Damian

Said Elsanhoury

Sebastian Gomez

Luis Hernandez

Justin Lagos

Jasmin Perez

Wendy Venegas

CAD Design

Alice Gonzalez

Zuri MIranda

Jay Montesdeoca

Kevin Pimentel

Allison Santos




Noor Aayla

Ananna Bhuiyan

Sabrina Chen

Kiet Huynh

Brandon Palencia

Vianey River

Kendrick Roy


Shelly Flores




Research & Development

Franco Figueora

Janna Ghoneim

Andres Ruiz

Aggelos Varvatsoulis

Media and Graphic Design

Shelly Flores

Nicole Vasquez


Our mentors consist of educators and alumni that volunteer their time to the team.

Senior Mentors

  • Anthony Ali - Lead Mechanical Mentor
  • Peter Beninati- Lead Administration
  • Marlon Esguerra- Lead Programming Mentor
  • Brian Green - Team Manager & Logistics Mentor 
  • Nicole Napiorkowski- Match Analyst Mentor

Junior Mentors

  • Anthony Chauca- Research and Development Mentor
  • Raymond Gong- Programming Mentor
  • Mohammed Hossain- Administration Mentor
  • Guadalupe Juarez- Scouting Mentor
  • Udayan Puthenkalam- Mechanical Mentor
  • Maricarmen Ramirez- Design Mentor
  • Tia Singh- Outreach Management Mentor