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FDA Approved Ventilators

During the pandemic, our team worked with our sponsor, Boyce to develop FDA-approved bridge ventilators to provide breathing support when conventional ventilators weren't available. Through this partnership, 3,000 ventilators were produced, and Boyce became the first non-medical company to be granted FDA approval for use in an emergency.


Letters For Destiny

We partnered up with letters for destiny where we encourage others to write and send handwritten cards to Children’s Hospitals across the country.

lettersfor destiny.jpg

Breast Cancer Walk

Our members participate in The Breast Cancer walk with our school. Every year, the person raising the most money for the walk is a RoboTiger. We're proud of it and it allows our school to receive a banner for reaching the gold level for donating the certain amount as a group to the Walk.



Our team members also volunteer outside of first, volunteering in Homeless shelters, It's My Park Day-a yearly event that brings thousands of volunteers to enhance and celebrate New York's amazing parkland, elderly centers and Turkey Trots.


Bullying Awareness

We partnered with our school to do the Orange Project. Project is a project that aims to prevent suicide. (Learn More ) We got everyone to wear the bright orange color for Project day and we got everyone to write over 1000 notes for the Project.

unity dayy.jpeg

Blood Drives

Curtains with our school and the New York blood center to host a Blood Drive. All of our eligible members were able to contribute to the donation of 200 pints of blood.


City Harvest Can Drive

Another way we get back to our community is by collecting cans for City Harvest. We were able to raise over 5000 cans consecutively  for the past few years.


Career & Technical Education Night

CTE night at our school is a chance for the current ninth going to 10th grade students to choose the CTE field that they would like to study. That is also a chance for them to see what clubs/teams are offered in our school. We display our robot and explain to our peers how our story was impacted because of joining robotics.

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