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ROAR stands for Representation, Opportunity, Advocate and Reach. It is our initiative to spread STEM to marginalized communities.


We are a team that is representing minorities and marginalized communities. 

Our aim is to demonstrate that everyone has the capability, regardless of cultural background, geographic location, customs, or sexual orientation. We do not make any judgments about anyone, no matter what.



 Opportunity  is about providing those who lack resources and opportunities with access to STEM fields. By promoting accessibility, we aim to give more individuals exposure to STEM. Everyone should have equal access to STEM, regardless of their background, status, or any other factors. An example to this is R.T.E.S.S which is a program that the we started to help other teams in all aspects.   





Our goal is to share our experiences and serve as an inspiration to the minority groups we represent. Our message is "if we can do it, so can you!" As a team, we have a strong commitment to our community and strive to show support to marginalized and minority communities. We do this through our ChangeTheStory social media campaign.



As a team, we prioritize supporting and giving back to our community while also maintaining a sustainable team image to ensure long-term commitment to our goals. We're constantly working towards expanding our initiatives such as RTESS, ChangeTheStory, and #makeSTEMviral, while simultaneously evolving to align with them. With our focus, growth and impact, we RoboTigers are making a meaningful difference in the community.


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