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Outreach Events

We have been involved in various STEM events and activities. Some of these include volunteering at FTC, FLL, and FRC competitions-helping young students develop their engineering and problem-solving skills. We’ve also been involved in Libary Outreach events, helping kids discover STEM and FIRST. 


Community Impact

The Robotigers actively engage in a range of community service initiatives to give back to those around us. Some of the events we participate in include the Breast Cancer Walk, Blood Drives, Unity Day (Anti Bullying), STEM Career Day, Open Houses, Soup Kitchen, Respect for All week, City Harvest Can Drive, and Letters for Destiny. These initiatives have allowed us to make a positive impact on our community and support those in need.



#changethestory was curated in 2018. We wanted to expand our network and inspire others to pursue STEM fields so we set out on a mission to start a campaign that shares real stories of incredible individuals that have been impacted by STEM.


Letters For Destiny

We partnered up with letters for destiny where we write and send handwritten cards to Children’s Hospitals across the country.

lettersfor destiny.jpg


RoboTigers help continue the growth of STEM with the #makeSTEMviral pledge. So far, over 300 individuals have signed the pledge, we use the hashtag on social media to promote our mission.

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