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Our Motivation

Often times we get asked why we go the extra mile when it is not required. For us, the answer is simple.
FIRST has changed 
our lives for the better. We want to share that same opportunity with others. Our team has become a beacon for the urban youth of New York City. Our members are proud symbols of aspiration for the youth that grew up through hardship, in underrepresented and marginalized communities. Through a survey, we concluded that 88% of us didn't know about STEM before joining the team. With our intervention, 98% of our alumni pursue a career within the STEM field.


Our Team

The RoboTigers Team 1796 is a group of 30 high school students (grades 9-12) and eight mentors from Queens Technical High School in Long Island City, New York. Our team comprises several subgroups, including Brand Management, Electronics, Mechanical, and Programming, with each subgroup and student assigned specific responsibilities.


Outreach Events + Community

We have been involved in various STEM events and activities. We volunteer at FTC, FLL, and FRC competitions and have been involved in Libary Outreach events, helping young students develop their STEM and problem-solving skills. We also engage in a range of community service initiatives to give back to those around us, allowing us to leave positive impact on our community and support those in need.



Founded in 2013, RTESS (RoboTigers Emergency Service Squad) is dedicated to helping robotics teams that lack the resources and experience to enjoy their competitions. Throughout competitions, with help other teams with wiring, assisting them with their code, and sharing any tips or tricks we've learned throughout our years as a team. Helping other teams get their robot's past inspection and competition-ready became a tradition for us.



#changethestory was curated in 2018. We wanted to expand our network and inspire others to pursue STEM fields so we set out on a mission to start a campaign that shares real stories of incredible individuals that have been impacted by STEM.

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