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We are a team that is representing minorities and multiple marginalized communities. With a team of 34 members consisting of a 1:1 ratio of members identifying as female and male, and a student body consisting of 67% Latino, 21% Asian, 10% Black or African American, and 2% Pacific Islanders members, we witness the struggle of marginalized students living in impoverished neighborhoods. Our aim is to demonstrate that everyone has the capability, regardless of cultural background, geographic location, customs, or sexual orientation. 


We Represent


We realized that the lack of representation restricted us from accessing STEM, and it continues to mirror the experiences of low-income immigrant students. Motivating us to create our #ChangeTheStory (@_changethestory) campaign in 2018. It's dedicated to highlighting the experiences of  people, including minorities working to advance inclusivity in STEM professions. We hope to alter the culture of STEM by displaying these people's experiences and by exposing people to a variety of STEM professions that aren't widely accessible.


Community Outreach

We build our community by offering it access to the resources that we often lack before we can establish representation for it. Along with 20,000 pounds of food from "City Harvest", we collaborated with "Love Wins Food Pantry" to replenish pantries and provide food to underprivileged families. We take part in yearly activities including blood drives and the "Making Strides" walk. We additionally partner with "Letters of Destiny" and write letters to children who battle cancer in an effort to brighten their spirits.


Alumni Association

Through the representation we established among our alumni, team members, and community, we enabled a cycle of RoboTigers extending the inclusion they encountered by continuing providing the skills for marginalized communities. As a result, we founded our Alumni Association, where many of our previous RoboTigers have worked to improve our community. There are two degrees of involvement: alumni and alumni coach. Alumni get access to job and college opportunities, in addition to team updates. The alumni coaches help students with duties related to career development, such as enrolling to colleges.

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