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Throughout competition, we provide services to aid teams to compete at their best with our service named RTESS (RoboTigers Emergency Service Squad. RTESS was established in 2012 with the goal of leveling the playing field in competition. Our service started with the philosophy that we should better ourselves while assisting those around us. For incoming rookie teams to develop to the maximum of their abilities, it is crucial they obtain guidance from veteran teams. Through our RTESS initiative, we assisted over 100 teams over the last three years. 


Global Meetings

We do 1:1 meetings with teams in order to be bale to assist on a more individual level. We go over hands-on aspects such as wiring, give feedback on CAD models, and help compile their code. We have assisted FRC teams from all around the globe including (India, Mexico, Brazil, and Turkey)

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We provided lessons that we learned as an 18-year veteran team to teams that experienced hardships that we once did through the help of our workshops. During RoboReplay, HawkTalks, and StuySplash we held student-led workshops teaching a variety of skills in programming, electronics, mechanical, and game analysis. We bridged the knowledge gap for upcoming FRC students and created a new generation of students that embody FIRST core values.


STEM Outreach

We collaborated with Sunnyside Community Services to design a STEM-based summer program. Alonside expanding to the Queens Public Library, hosting STEM Events at Hunters Point and Queens Central Library in Jamaica. We also educated children on circuits at the Corona Queens Public Library and worked with the LIC Public Library’s FLL Team and assisted them in their work. Through our library and pop-up events, we were able to expose STEM to 200+ local young minds.

#makeSTEMviral Kits

We recognize the challenge that exists outside of our borders and the lack of funding, support, and aid that our community endures. We subsequently traveled to Santa Ana, Ecuador, Vancouver, Canada, and Rancho de Tepetzingo, Mexico, to distribute our #makeSTEMviral kits to these communities in an effort to support underprivileged kids around the world.

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